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  • 12 May 2016

    Now!!! your phone bill is on us! Barrel2u excitedly presented to you - Barrel2u PayBills !!! Barrel2u, free, is the best deal!

  • 06 May 2016

    Good news All new barrel2u merchants online registration system will be upline soon on 20th may 2016. Barrel2u merchant registration process will be systematic and more efficient in processing the business registration. The new online system enable all merchant and members to search merchants all around the world and hence, this will enhance 'SPENDING FOR FREE' advantages to reach out to all members and to enjoy Eat ,Drink ,Play, Services and Products buying. The newly Barrel2u merchant registration system wil provide merchant to have own page in website to introduce their Products & Sevices more clearly and precisely In conjunction with these progressment , Barrel2u merchant customer service will stop accepting merchant registration on 13/5/2016 until the new merchant registration website is up online. Barrel2u sincerely Thank you and apreciate all merchants and members co-operation. Therefore, we all work hand in hand to create a better future for this mamaplatform -Barrel2U- Turn Your Spending into Free

  • 04 May 2016

    @Everybody Reminder to leaders and merchant recruiter: All belove leaders, thank you for the support of the Barrel2u Merchant recruitment drive effort recently. However , please educate the newly joined b2u merchant fully when doing recruitment , this is to ensure that there will no misunderstanding between members (who patronise merchants ) and the participating merchants. Therefore , this will ensure smooth transaction for all parties. BARREL2U :- TURN YOUR SPENDING INTO FREE-